Endowment and Planned Giving


Solomon Schechter is pleased to announce the launch of our Legacy and Endowment Initiative. This initiative provides an opportunity for visionary donors to invest in the future of Solomon Schechter Day School and become members of our Eitz Hadar Society (described below). We hope you will explore our online brochure, learn about our exciting matches and incentives, and read the personal acounts from some of our new members. To learn more, please contact Linda Foster at 847.412.5666 or email linda.foster@schechter.org


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Click here to read personal accounts from some of our Eitz Hadar Society members.

Our Eitz Hadar Society

We are fortunate to have a group of individuals that have demonstrated their belief in Solomon Schechter and are dedicated to the long-term sustainability of our school by making a cash endowment gift or including Solomon Schechter in their will or estate plan.

We are proud to list the members of our Eitz Hadar Society:

Note: New members are in bold

Anonymous (5)
Dr. Jeffrey & Carol Apfelbaum
Stacey Powell-Bennett
Dr. Leonard & Phyllis Berlin
The Children of Michael & Jean Best  
Jean Best
Karen & Ethan Budin
Larry H. & Merle Cohen
Marilyn Rovin Cooper
Richard Moline & Joni Crounse
Gary & Abby Elkins
Laurie & David Ferri
Nancy & Maury Fertig
Phyllis Fischel
Stephen & Naomi Fisher
Bill Foster
Linda P. Foster
Kim & Alan Frankel
Shirley & Alvin Friedman
David & Liz Geifman
Jennifer & John Geiringer
Inna & Robert Gerber Family
Andrew & Dr. Laurie Hochberg
Sue & Larry Hochberg
Arnold Hoffman
Burton & Libby Hoffman
Ira Holtzman
David Jacobson
Kenneth Klipper
Dr. Jeffrey & Beth Kopin
Bryna & Rabbi Vernon Kurtz
Dr. Lena & David Kushnir
Gigi Cohen & Michael Levin
Lisa & Jim Levitas
Seymour Lipton
Amy & John Lowenstein
Dr. Lee A. Malmed
Trisha & Rabbi Fred Margulies
Rita Meyers
Judy and Albert Milstein
Jodi & Amnon Morady
Sandy Starkman & Larry Pachter
Eva Perkal
Elaine & Paul Powell
Beth Preis
Lori K. Graff Prosnitz & David J. Prosnitz
Helaine & Howard Resnick and Family
Janet & Gary Resnick
Melinda & Ben Resnick
Helen & Ira Rosenmertz
Mark & Maureen Rubinstein
Andy & Ken Saffir
Jody & David Schmidt
Max & Lynn Schrayer
Shira & Jeremy Schwartz
Karyn & Bill Silverstein
Dr. Alfred Soffer
Mayer Stiebel 
David Stone
Yvette Stone
Shalom & Miki Tsubely
Tami & Reuben Warshawsky
Debbie & Adam Winick
Mimi & Marc Yoskowitz
Jacqueline Kott-Wolle & David Wolle


To learn more about our Legacy and Endowment Initiative and how you can become a member of our Eitz Hadar Society, please contact Linda Foster at 847.412.5666 or email linda.foster@schechter.org



The Solomon Schechter Day School Endowment Foundation was created in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago’s Day School Endowment program, which was established to ensure that Solomon Schechter Day School and our sister day schools have the necessary resources to meet community needs. All commitments to the Day School Endowment Foundation are recognized as commitments to the Jewish Federation’s Centennial Campaign.

We thank the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago for its major financial support and valuable professional counsel. This ongoing funding is made possible thanks to the strength of the JUF Annual Campaign; please support it generously.


Thank You Schechter

Our son and his friends were sitting on the floor at the JCC waiting for their basketball game to start. They were telling a teammate that they get to practice Hebrew every day. Then the boys started talking about their Torah portions, which they had received a few days earlier. Each boy was SO excited and they all started chanting their portions. It was awesome to see how proud and excited the boys were about their basketball game and their Torah portions! Thank you Schechter.


- Dina Shiner

From Generation to Generation

I loved being a Schechter student, and I treasure my Schechter friends to this day. Now, as a parent, I have a deeper understanding of the gift my parents gave to me and my brother and sisters. We want our children to experience what I had as a child -- a strong foundation of knowledge guided by Jewish history, tradition, and values. No other school can do this like Schechter.


- Ellen Dorfman Nathan


Only At Schechter

Unlike other schools, only at Schechter do general studies and Judaic Studies come together as one. Some people say it's like two worlds where there is no contact between the two worlds. I'm telling you -- there is a connection! We are part of the American culture, but at the same time, we keep our Jewish identity. We have learned from two worlds which appear to us as one. It was all a part of our daily schedule. We learned to be good citizens and also proud Jews. This only happens at Schechter....


- A Schechter Student

Our Schechter Community

For my Bat Mitzvah, I've decided to do a chesed project. With inspiration from a friend, I am making bracelets out of buttons called "button bracelets" that I am currently selling for $5 each. The money I am raising will go to my grade for our Israel trip fund. It is my hope that everyone will be able to go on the trip, because to me our Schechter community isn't the same without everyone included.


- A Schechter Student

A Love of Jewish Life

When I think about Schechter, I realize that Schechter not only provides a strong foundation of Jewish knowledge, it also fosters a love of Jewish life. As I get older, I realize the huge impact that Schechter has had on my life - who I am as a person and who I am as a Jew. Many of my closest friends are still my Schechter friends. It's great to see so many students today having the chance to experience what I had as a Schechter student.

Josh (Class of 2004) is pictured with one of his favorite teachers, Dr. Lena Kushnir, who is now principal of the Sager Elementary School.


- Josh Warshawsky

Our Community at Schechter

Our community here at Schechter is created by our connection to each other and to Judaism. At Schechter, we do not have all the same viewpoints or opinions about how to live life, practice Judaism, or affiliate politically. But community is not about sharing the exact same perspective as everyone else. Community is about having a safe environment in which everyone is able to share his or her own ideas without the fear that they will be judged or ridiculed.


- A Schechter Student

When I Think Of Schechter

When I think of Schechter, I think of my home, a place I feel comfortable and secure, a place where I feel accepted and understood, a place where I feel educated, and I place where I feel loved. Nothing can compare to the feeling that Schechter provides.


- A Schechter Student

A Strong Academic Foundation

As a Schechter graduate, I wanted my children to have the same intimate, nurturing environment that I had as a child at Schechter, as well as the strong academic foundation, connection to Israel, and love of Jewish life. It's wonderful to see how our children have thrived at Schechter and how well-prepared they are for high school. We are also proud of the people they have become -- their connection to Judaism and their values.


- Dr. Arica Feldman Hirsch

A Gift To Families

A Schechter education is more than a gift to our children, it is a gift to our family. The school provides a top of the line education in both general and Jewish studies. Every day students are challenged academically, and the nurturing atmosphere provides them with a sense of security and the confidence to excel.


- Susan Harris

Why I Love Schechter

In three words, Schechter is community, learning, and Judaism. Schechter is the type of community that promotes friendship, leadershipship, learning, fun, and most of all the love of being Jewish. Each day when I walk into school, I am greeted. Whether it's a security guard, a parent, a teacher, and sometimes even a student, I know that I'm starting my day in a community way.


- A Schechter Student

The Friendships Are Everlasting

The frienships that I have developed individually and as an entire grade have created bonds that are everlasting. Together we have shared life events -- receiving our first siddur, reading Torah, births, deaths, becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and many others. The love and support of my classmates has helped to mold me into the person I am today. Schechter is like a second home to me. All the memories I have made and the lessons I have learned here will stick with me forever.


- A Schechter Student

Seems Like Yesterday

It was such a special moment when we witnessed our twins read from the Torah for the first time, along with their third grade classmates. It seems like only yesterday that they all were in kindergarten. It's been wonderful watching them develop these skills and to see their love for reading Torah.


- A Schechter Student


Community | Kehillah

SSDS is a community of students, families, educators, donors, and volunteer leaders who support
each other through times of joy and sorrow, forging life-long bonds of friendship
based on a shared commitment to each other and to Jewish life and learning.

Responsibility | Achrayut

As Jews, we are all responsible for one another. This sense of responsibility begins with, and extends
beyond, our SSDS community and includes giving tzedakah and improving our world.

Joy | Simcha

A Jewish life is a joyous life. SSDS provides a joyful learning environment for children,
families, and educators. Jewish holidays and life cycle events are an opportunity for everyone
to come together to celebrate and experience the richness of Jewish life.

Israel | Yisrael

Through Hebrew language education and immersion in Israeli culture, SSDS personalizes for its students
the American Jewish connection to Israel, instilling a passionate, lasting commitment to, and a sense of responsibility
for, the State of Israel.

Journey | Masa

SSDS welcomes and partners with parents to encourage and support their children and families
throughout their Schechter journey. We also promote a love of learning in our students, and create
opportunities for children, parents, families, educators, and volunteers to engage in life-long learning and growth.

In the Image of God | Btzelem Elohim

SSDS values the uniqueness and worth of every individual. Our school emphasizes respect, dignity,
inclusiveness, and compassion. We nurture the health, safety, and well-being of every member of our community.

Exemplary | Dugma

SSDS is committed to providing an education that weaves the best of General studies and Judaic
studies in an integrated program that is the benchmark against which Jewish day school programs are measured.

A partner with the Jewish United Fund in serving our community. We appreciate the generous assistance provided by the Bernard Heerey Family Foundation Seventh Grade Scholarship Program for our Schechter families. Solomon Schechter Day School accepts students and parents of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.


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