Class of 2010

On May 21st, 2014, Solomon Schechter Class of 2010 Alumni gathered for what has become a yearly tradition for Schechter alumni who are seniors, a reunion! 

Dressed in their college t-shirts, they reconnected and reminisced with teachers and friends about their days at Solomon Schechter, including their Israel trip, holiday and Shabbat celebrations, special teachers, and more.

We asked them "How Did Schechter Prepare You for High School?" This is what they shared:

  • Schechter helped me develop the critical thinking skills necessary not only for Jewish text analysis, but also all literature we came across in class. My Hebrew was at a level where I could start delving into Israeli culture through literature, film, and conversation. 
  • Schechter prepared me organizationally for high school because at Schechter we are taught to balance eight or nine classes at a time and in high school we have a smaller number of classes.
  • Schechter provided a strong foundation in mathematics, languages, and history. It also helped me to build habits that are necessary in high school and gave me a strong work ethic.  In my Judaic Studies courses I developed analytic skills that are useful in many literature and English classes.
  • I think Schechter prepared me well for classroom expectations and workload.
  • At Schechter I had fantastic teachers who expected a lot, and a dual curriculum helped prepare me for the rigor of high school.
  • I was well prepared by my Schechter teachers to face the workload my freshman year, and I gained strong study and time management skills.
  • Schechter helped me to establish a sense of responsibility and pride in my work.
  • Schechter taught me to learn for the sake of learning, rather than just to earn high grades. In this way, it gave me the motivation to do my very best on every assignment throughout high school and to form positive relationships with my teachers.
  • I skipped freshman English and went straight into sophomore English. I also went straight into geometry.
  • Schechter prepared me by helping me develop critical thinking skills and helping me to discover who I am Jewishly and my overall identity.
  • Schechter was crucial in helping me learn the art of learning.  When I arrived in high school, I was able to apply myself successfully from the beginning of my first day on account of the fact that I was able to take in new material and digest it.
  • My Schechter education provided me with the writing skills that became crucial to my success in high school. In my Language Arts classes, I received a background in literature and writing that allowed for me to express myself and my ideas and opinions clearly in every class.
  • Schechter prepared me to be a mensch.

16% of the Class of 2010 attend the top 20 universities in the country including Dartmouth College, Emory University, Harvard college, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Princeton University, University of Chicago, Washington University in St. Louis.

5% of the graduating class were selected at National Merit Semifinalists - higher than the percentage in any public high school on Chicago's North Shore!

3 were named National Merit Finalists

2 were named National Merit Semifinalists

2 were named National Merit Commended Scholars

Class of 2010 became leaders in their high schools as presidents of numerous clubs: debate, DECA, Israel, Model UN, National Honor Society, physics, theater and more; captains of academic clubs and sports teams; newspaper editors; youth group officers; Write On for Israel fellows; and more.

To view pictures from the reunion, go to our album on Facebook! Make sure to like our page while you're there.

Here's where our graduates from the Class of 2010 are attending this year!



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